Part B Planning and Preparation

Thanks to Ms. Kim for providing us the information about the Assignment 3 (Part B-Planning and Preparation). Below is the information that we need to write in part B:-

Planning 10% should include 2 main components:-
1. Context
2. Planning

Below are my planning processes and approaches that I used in my part B:

  • Constructivist Learning Theory
  • Backward Design Model
  • Bloom Taxonomy
  • TPACK (CK, PK, TK)

Ms. Kim has also shared some of the information with us in the class. Please read through it 🙂

  • Must have links to theory.
  • Don’t explain theory, reference it and explain how you use it in planning.
  • Have a general planning approach that is linked to your PE context.
  • Don’t have to write prose.
  • Turn the rubric into questions, ask them.

Image       Image


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