Forum Question

I have gone through with this question on my study desk, week 10 learning task.

Question: Can you fill in the blanks from the following paragraph?

After I posted my answer unto the forum, I realise that there are many different answer that can be filled in from the following paragraph below. You will be able to view the different answer from other students after you posted your answer unto the forum. Let’s try to do it now!

The questions that ______face as they raise  _____  from _____ to adult are not easy to ______. Both ______ and ______ can become concerned when health problems such as ______ arise anytime after the _______ stage to later life. Experts recommend that young ______ should have plenty of _______ and nutritious food for healthy growth. ______ and _____ should not share the same ______ or even be in the same _____. They may be afraid of the ______.


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